Young couple embracing and smiling

Recapturing Romance

Through our partner, we often seek intimacy, sexual passion, spontaneity and adventure, while also turning to them for security, care and commitment.  For all that we ask of our relationship, consider these tips for recapturing romance.

Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

Don’t assume that what you need or would like from your partner is what your partner needs from you.  Recapture romance by asking your partner what they need and how you might make them feel supported, calmed or loved. Then, truly listen to their answer.

Daily Physical Affection

Even five minutes a day of simple physical affection can foster deeper levels of emotional closeness and bonding.  Physical affection is a powerful reinforcement of your relationship’s restorative potential.

Do For Another

Simple words of kindness or acts of thoughtfulness are fuel for lifelong love. They motivate mutual affection and remind you of what you share, in good times or bad.

Spend Time Together

Yes, there is plenty you have to do together, but also spend time together doing something you both enjoy.  Positive feelings generated from being together, can increase your desire to be with your partner and make your love grow.

Emotional Communication Fosters Sexual Communication

Emotional communication involves expressing your needs while being attuned to the needs of your partner. Couples who use emotional communication to build a supportive, loving bond, create the conditions for sexual passion and intimacy.

Fight Fair

Avoid the blame game.  Share feelings and facts as you see them, but be generous and open in hearing what your partner thinks and feels. Seek to understand the larger issue behind the conflict. Then, focus on reconnecting and rebuilding emotional bonds

Relationship Check-In

Each week, share what you appreciated from your spouse. Next, talk about what can be improved and how you might go about it.

Work On Yourself

Our ‘inner scripts’ from our family of origin and our own needs may impact how we love another. Understanding this can be key to recapturing romance and building a relationship where love lasts.

Please contact me to discuss how couple’s therapy might be a path to recapturing romance.