Social Anxiety Therapy

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Social Anxiety Therapy

(Including Stage Fright & Performance Anxiety)

Social anxiety may emerge on an actual stage—while public speaking or performing–but can also rear its head on the job; on a date; on an interview; on a video chat; in the classroom; when out with friends; when speaking to a stranger; and in many other situations. Even anticipating speaking or socially engaging can induce social anxiety. These interactions may make a person feel self-conscious, embarrassed, fearful or even immobilized. Some may withdraw rather than risk feeling exposed. In the process, they can lose out on a lot.

But there is a road out of the black hole of social anxiety.

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From the inside-out

As a therapist, I’ve been on the front lines of helping people successfully address the effects of social anxiety. I come to this work as a therapist schooled in social anxiety treatment and as a public speaking and performance coach with experience as a television reporter, professional voice-over narrator and public speaker myself.

This dual background gives me a unique vantage point from which to effectively help people transcend the limitations that social anxiety imposes on their lives.

We work from the “inside-out”—from the roots of your social anxiety, to the tools for overcoming it. We utilize an approach that integrates psychodynamic treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness approaches. This personalized, evidence-based orientation may include working through a trauma, or other emotional issues linked to your social anxiety; reframing the negative messages you may have internalized about yourself or the way people see you; guided rehearsal for public speaking and other social performance situations; supportive exposure therapy; and more.

Together, we will find the most effective means for you to reduce or eliminate the hold that social anxiety or performance anxiety has on your life.

Please call or email me to discuss any social anxiety issues.

Transformative Public Speaking and Presentation Consulting

For those seeking direct work on public speaking and presentations, I have spent two decades helping people and organizations from all walks of life to formulate and powerfully communicate their stories—whether before a large audience, on radio, TV, or on social media.

Together, we not only tackle any speaking issues or concerns, I also help speakers harness the transformative power of their own deeply held words to move or motivate others. Consultations can be short-term or long term.

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