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Individual Therapy

Therapy gives us a second chance

A chance to gain more understanding about our lives, including patterns that hold us back and perspectives that stimulate positive change. It’s a chance to revive goals and dreams or formulate new ones; to find our voice; to achieve more fulfillment within us and in our relationships. It’s an opportunity to see the world through a prism of possibility rather than distress, defeat and despair.

Therapy can change the way you see the world and yourself because it is a path to changing your brain:

Studies suggest that emotional growth gleaned from therapy can literally re-wire the brain and re-map your path, clearing the way for fundamental change.

Time and again, I’ve witnessed clients experiencing such growth and change and emerging to liver fuller, more productive and satisfying lives.

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Couples Therapy

A Second Chance for Couples

Long after the flames of romantic courtship and sexual passion have simmered or been extinguished, many couples find themselves sadly wondering where it all went, and reflecting on whether it can ever be recaptured. ‘How did my soul mate morph into being little more than my roommate?’ you might ask. There is a road back.

Gaining emotional understanding and strategies for experiencing togetherness, gives couples a second chance: A second chance—or perhaps a third or fourth chance–to work through issues that divide you, and to constructively address hurts, grievances and disappointments.

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Social Anxiety Therapy

(Including Stage Fright or Performance Anxiety)

As a therapist, I’ve been on the front lines of helping people successfully address the effects of social anxiety. I come to this work as a therapist schooled in social anxiety treatment and as a public speaking and performance coach with experience as a television reporter, professional voice-over narrator and public speaker myself.

This dual background gives me a unique vantage point from which to effectively help people transcend the limitations that social anxiety imposes on their lives.