The Road to the Life You Imagine

Individual, Couples, & Social Anxiety Therapy with locations in Westchester and New York City.

Psychotherapy and the Road to the Life You Imagine

Your struggles and the uncertain world we live in may feel overwhelming—like roadblocks with no roadmap.

They can steal your energy, your days and your dreams.

But with the right therapist on your side, you can understand and navigate your way through these emotional roadblocks.

I provide a trusted space for people across a spectrum of identities and cultures to explore issues that might be making you feel stressed, scared, anxious, angry, sad, guilty, powerless, or alone.  Such feelings and others are often part of our “life script”–a kind of inner blueprint that can lock us into harmful patterns without our even knowing it.

I listen very carefully–not just for what might be holding you back–but also for what could help you thrive.

Gaining emotional awareness, along with support and strategies that stimulate new ways of thinking and engaging, makes real change possible.

“To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.”

~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Change is possible!

As a licensed psychotherapist, I’ve helped couples and individuals make transformative changes in their lives and relationships. I’ve watched them transcend fear, self-doubt and self-judgment–even long held traumas. I’ve walked with them through depression and anxiety, including social anxiety—the fear or embarrassment of being judged while speaking, performing or in everyday interactions.

You don’t have to settle for being stuck. I can help you work through the roadblocks and face your problems without letting them rule you.

That’s the roadmap for creating the life you imagine.

Please call, text or email me for a confidential conversation to discuss the road forward.

~ Dr. Gerry Gartenberg


Virtual and In-Person Appointments Available

Individual Therapy

Therapy gives us a second chance: A chance to gain more insight into our lives, including harmful patterns that shadow us, and helpful approaches to inspire us forward. It’s also a chance to revive or formulate goals and dreams; to find our voice; and achieve more fulfillment within ourselves and our relationships.

Couples Therapy

Gaining emotional understanding and strategies for experiencing togetherness, gives couples a second chance: A second chance to work through hurts and disappointments that divide you. In therapy, we create a space for each partner to have their voice heard and a space to truly listen to the other.

Social Anxiety

As a therapist, I’ve been on the front lines of helping people address feelings of fear or embarrassment while speaking or socially interacting, plus other debilitating effects of social anxiety–also called performance anxiety or stage fright. Let’s work either individually or in a group to truly minimize the hold that social anxiety has on your life.

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