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A Trusted Space

I provide a trusted, inclusive, space for adults, couples, adolescents and families to freely discuss the immediate and long-term challenges they face.

A trusted space is a non-judgmental place to talk through challenges. But it is also a place to build on strengths and see new possibilities.

It is a space that recognizes identity and culture as important parts of your mental health journey.

In this trusted space I listen very carefully and supportively—not just to your words, but to the feelings beneath the words.

Whether in-person, or remotely, you are free here to express all the parts of you: the parts you are proud of, the parts you keep hidden, the parts you need to better understand, the parts you didn’t even know you had.

These are the parts of the whole.

Please call, text me, or use the form below to explore how we might work together.

In-Person Appointments

Offices conveniently located in Westchester County (Purchase, NY) & New York City (near Grand Central). Choose your location below to learn more.

New York City Location

633 Third Avenue, 9th Floor
New York, New York 10017

Westchester Location

2975 Westchester Avenue
Purchase, NY 10577

Teletherapy and Mental Health

If Covid-19 taught us one thing, it’s that upheaval in our world generates not only new levels of distress, but also magnifies old stresses and struggles. A system under such stress is vulnerable to depression, anxiety, PTSD and other issues.

Connecting remotely with a therapist to provide perspective and strategies for our struggles, can foster resilience and emotional health as we go forward.

When health considerations or our busy lives require it, remote therapy is a convenient and effective form of support.

However things evolve, we’re all in this “new normal” together.

I’m here to help.